Winter Health

In 1918, no one had a vaccine, treatment or cure for the great flu pandemic as it ravaged the world and killed more than 50 million people.
The president continues to push scientifically unsound quick fixes to the coronavirus.
Robert Redfield told The Washington Post that a second wave could be harsher than the current one because it may overlap with the beginning of flu season.
The CNN anchor dialed in as a guest on her own program to talk about her ongoing recovery.
Martha MacCallum compared numbers to the 2018 flu season in her argument for opening the country back up "soon."
Many people had the flu or a bad cold in late 2019 or early 2020, and they're now wondering if the symptoms were actually COVID-19.
If you have allergies or asthma, here’s important advice on COVID-19 symptoms and prevention.
Dr. Hugh Montgomery shows why this illness isn't like the flu at all.
It's not the same as the flu. It's far more lethal.