Far-right Oklahoma state school superintendent Ryan Walters got a visit from a bird in the middle of a meeting.
The squad's hate-filled game against a team from a predominantly Jewish area got the Anti-Defamation League's attention.
Book bans are on the rise nationally, with nearly half those prohibitions happening in Florida school districts.
How long will this pattern of calculated racism persist?
Texas has been at the forefront of a conservative effort across the nation to ban books that contain discussions of race, sexuality and gender identity.
The Sunshine State has been at the center of the conservative culture wars.
The bans are part of a larger effort by conservative activists to push their beliefs on local public schools.
Sixty years ago, four Black girls died inside the 16th Street Baptist Church. The survivors of that bombing are still fighting racism.
Riley Leonard ended Monday's game with 175 passing yards, 98 rushing yards and, apparently, a late assignment.
Quarterback Cade Klubnik appeared to diss Swinney during Clemson's embarrassing loss to Duke.