The student wears his hair up, but if let down, it would violate the school's hair length policy.
The first round of forgiveness under the new plan will clear $1.2 billion in loans.
Miguel Cardona said he is concerned about the paring back of diversity, equity and inclusion programs at schools across the country.
Book bans are an unfortunate reality. But these librarians are devoted to supporting and protecting queer kids who just want to read.
Valentina Gomez, who said she believes books with LGBTQ+ themes are “grooming” kids, would oversee Missouri’s public library system if she wins.
“I don't want to say that I'm a victim because I don't want to disrespect those families that truly are the victims on this,” Jennifer Crumbley told the jury. “But we did lose a lot.”
A school official said he found it "odd" that Jennifer Crumbley didn't take her son Ethan home after being shown a violent drawing he had scrawled on an assignment.
"One of my college freshmen's fun fact was that she's a public pooper."
The state House's education committee voted Monday to kill a bill that would have offered free school lunches to food-insecure kids.
The exhibits are from an era when museums "did not respect the values, perspectives, and indeed shared humanity of Indigenous peoples," the museum's president said.