Kids' mental health is in crisis, experts say. Here’s how to talk to them about suicide.
The president said free community college is out and that a plan for paid leave is shrinking.
The head of the elite Middlesex School in Massachusetts said it canceled the Pulitzer-winner's speech over concerns about how outsiders might react.
"Live with a beginner violin student so your house constantly sounds like a horror film."
The Oct. 15 event featured about 30 students and faculty from Burlington High School, and received praise from parents and LGBTQ advocates.
Parents upset by delays in reopening schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic collected enough signatures to force the special recall election.
The remarks were "in no way to convey the Holocaust was anything less than a terrible event in history," said the superintendent.
The administrator's comments came in response to a Texas law that seeks to limit how teachers discuss white supremacy and systemic racism in public schools.