Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist discussed their split in a very weird interview.
ABC News’ Jonathan Karl took the Florida Republican on a “quick trip down memory lane” with his past comments about the former president.
A judge has already clarified that there’s not much of a difference between the assault Trump was found to have committed and what most people mean when they say "rape."
On the set of the show, the "Abbott Elementary" creator and star discussed what to expect from the new season, including more fan-favorite elements.
The head of ABC declined to address the perennial speculation on whether the series will finally come to a close.
The celebrated workplace comedy, developed by and starring Quinta Brunson, is set to continue its award-winning run.
Three GOP debates in Iowa and New Hampshire are set to take place in January: two hosted by CNN and another by ABC News.
The South Carolina Republican declared that the "facts are everywhere" before Jonathan Karl checked her remarks about the president.
In Week 7, Charity Lawson and her suitors head to Fiji with hopes of getting closer to a proposal.
Gerry Turner, a retired restaurateur from Indiana, will be the star of a love story "for the golden years."