Adam Schiff

The California Democrat said SCOTUS would be "depriving American voters" with one way of handling the former president's case.
The former president faces a total of 91 criminal charges, including for allegedly mishandling classified documents.
Progressive Reps. Katie Porter and Barbara Lee failed to make the runoff, ensuring that Schiff is all but certain to become California’s next senator.
Rep. Adam Schiff, a more moderate Democrat, has capitalized on Rep. Katie Porter and Rep. Barbara Lee’s competition for the progress mantle.
The progressive congresswoman is facing a multimillion-dollar barrage of advertising, funded by wealthy donors seeking to end her campaign.
The front-runner in California's Senate race is deploying a tactic his rival called “brazenly cynical."
The three Democrats in the race — Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, and Barbara Lee — sparred over spending, money in politics, and the Israel-Hamas conflict.
The Democratic lawmaker ripped into Trump's latest wild claim.
"He does nothing but project onto others," the California Democrat said.
Schiff said there is a "valid argument" for keeping Donald Trump off of ballots next year.