Anderson Cooper

The "Star Trek" icon brought the laughs about his upcoming trip on Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin.
The CNN anchor slammed the former vice president for “trying to rewrite history and pave his way to his own presidential run."
The CNN host's mom apparently wanted to be his surrogate — and Cooper was not a fan of the "bats**t" idea.
The CNN anchor joked he'd have been happier if Benjamin Maisani, with whom he is co-parenting 1-year-old Wyatt, had lied about the situation.
Rep. Paul Gosar’s sibling said she was "stunned at the brazenness" of GOP lawmakers trying to erase the insurrection.
Barack Obama explained “why we have to worry” about the Republican Party embracing Donald Trump’s election lies.
Establishment Republican thinking today would have been "unacceptable even five years ago," the former president said.
“When somebody doesn’t serve, I don’t know that it’s a great idea to be attacking people who did serve," the CNN anchor said of the Texas Republican.
"They’re trying to perform a frontal lobotomy on the American people," warned William Cohen, the Republican former senator for Maine.