Anderson Cooper

"We begin with the continued cleanup on aisle five at CNN," said the MSNBC host after this week's widely criticized broadcast.
The CNN host tried to defend his network for hosting a Donald Trump town hall this week.
The CNN host couldn't help but bring up his win over Bartiromo as he and Gretchen Carlson discussed Fox News' Dominion settlement.
Carlson, who reached a settlement with her former employer in 2016, said she had been living vicariously through Dominion's defamation lawsuit.
Noting the enormous controversy surrounding the New York lawmaker, the CNN host said that "when you have no shame, none of that matters."
The CNN anchor tore apart the congressman's interview on OAN.
“You have to love the irony. And the audacity, quite frankly," Gregory Morey-Parker told the CNN anchor.
Harry was asked about his and Megan Markle's continued use of their duke and duchess titles after stepping back from the royal family in 2020.
Anderson Cooper, Michael Strahan and Tom Bradby declined to let Buckingham Palace view their interviews with Harry before they aired.