Benjamin Netanyahu

"I think there’s no excuse to not provide for the medical and the food needs of those people,” the president said of Palestinians in need of humanitarian aid.
“Victory requires entering Rafah and eliminating the terrorist battalions there,” the Israeli prime minister said in a video announcement.
"I can't believe we're sitting here six months later, and having to experience the terror every day," hostage Omer Neutra's father told Jake Tapper.
The president urged an "immediate cease-fire," in what was the first time he threatened to condition aid to Israel during its six-month offensive.
Officials from both countries will discuss Israel's plan to launch a ground offensive in the southern Gaza city, which houses over 1.3 million Palestinians.
Nearly six months of conflict have renewed divisions over the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, though the country remains largely in favor of the war.
A dramatic decision by Israel's Supreme Court on drafting ultra-Orthodox men into the Israeli military could spell political trouble for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a planned visit to Washington by a high-level delegation following the United Nations Security Council vote.
Israel is determined to launch a ground offensive against Hamas in Gaza's southernmost city, raising global alarm due to the likely massive civilian harm.
Sen. Chuck Schumer stunned the Israelis last week when he called on the country to make “significant course corrections” in Gaza.