Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh has told attendees at a judicial conference that addressing recent ethics concerns can increase public confidence in the institution.
The former senator from Minnesota roasted his onetime colleague from Maine.
The conservative justice described last term as a “difficult year at the court” during an appearance at the University of Notre Dame’s law school on Monday.
The secretive film suggests the Supreme Court justice may have sexually assaulted one more person.
When asked for his message to young men, President Trump railed against the Me Too movement.
Brett Kavanaugh angrily yelled at Senator Patrick Leahy in an extraordinary exchange.
The crew that organized a protest outside a D.C. steakhouse where Brett Kavanaugh was dining apparently has some more demonstrations to dish up.
Apparently there's nothing in the Constitution that specifically protects eating in peace, quipped one Twitter wag.
The senator's vote was pivotal to the confirmation of the conservative justice to the Supreme Court in 2018.
Kavanaugh and John Roberts have staked their claim to the Supreme Court's center for any future gun control litigation.