The gunshot detection technology was meant to alert police immediately to the location of gunfire. Newly released video shows what became a near fatal flaw.
The cross-country flight was forced to land in Chicago on Wednesday after a note was reportedly found in the plane's bathroom.
Brandon Johnson said he would end the contract during his campaign, and now he followed through.
The victims were found Sunday and Monday at three separate locations.
Hill, best known as Andy Cohen's radio co-host, gave HuffPost a sneak peek at "Wellness Check" before hitting the stage in NYC and Chicago this week.
Authorities said Desiree Figueroa helped her mother kill a pregnant teenager whose baby was cut from her womb.
The state will usher in 320 new laws that also include requiring paid time off and allowing some teenagers under 18 to pre-register to vote.
The mayors of Chicago, New York City and Denver have renewed pleas for more federal help over the growing number of asylum-seekers arriving in their cities.
A private plane reportedly carrying roughly 100 migrants landed without advanced notice on Tuesday as Chicago's mayor blasted Texas' actions as "evil."
It was a loaded diaper, but not like you would think.