Kinnan Abdalhamid told CNN that the gunman began shooting at him and his two friends "without saying a word."
The CNN host’s interview with Rachel Goldberg, whose son was kidnapped by Hamas, took a briefly humorous turn.
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu was blaming the "liberal media" for trying to distract voters.
The anchor pushed back at Scott Gessler after he declared that the former president made one effort to "prevent" violence at the Capitol.
A CNN documentary, "Blindsided," is calling out perceived inaccuracies in the 2009 film about the NFL player, which earned Sandra Bullock an Oscar.
The GOP presidential candidate relentlessly talked down to Abby Phillip in a CNN interview.
Controversial claims by a military spokesperson were cut, without an editor’s note, from versions on CNN’s website, YouTube channel and some on-air reports.
Kaitlan Collins pushed back at Jim Trusty after he mentioned the ex-president's "grounds for frustration."
CNN's John Berman pressed Rep. Greg Murphy for saying he'd hold Joe Biden's family members in contempt of Congress if they don't respond to subpoenas.
The CNN anchor checked Rep. Mike Turner as he reacted to Ohioans voting to codify abortion rights into their state constitution.