“There are 220,417 reasons to talk about coronavirus," the "Newsroom" anchor began as she dismantled the president's insult.
The president often claims to know nothing about issues when there's evidence that he does.
The House Speaker blasted the CNN anchor as he confronted her about COVID-19 relief package negotiations.
“The feeling that I have is kind of like what a drunk driver would have if they killed their family,” Tony Green said after hosting an event that led to multiple infections.
CNN's chief medical correspondent said the president, who has COVID-19, "obviously shouldn't be" back in the Oval Office.
Ana Cabrera pushed back on Jason Miller's claim that Trump has worn masks and properly social distanced: "Jason, he is not taking the simple precautions."
Dr. Megan Ranney told CNN that the steroid dexamethasone can cause "mental health side effects." She also called some of Trump's behavior "concerning."
President Donald Trump faced backlash after leaving the hospital where he’s being treated for COVID-19 to ride around and wave to supporters.
For months, President Donald Trump questioned the efficacy of masks and continued to hold crowded rallies. Now, he has tested positive for COVID-19.
The CNN political analyst listed the threats looming after the president announced he had contracted the coronavirus.