Former Vice President Mike Pence and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp are the latest wavering Republicans to fall back in line with their leader.
The CNN host says he can't cover his brother's growing scandal -- despite having him on his show multiple times last year.
“It’s a little rich," said the CNN anchor.
“Yep, we are still in a pandemic, and no, I don’t have a job I’m jumping right into," the anchor said about leaving the network where she held her "dream" position.
President Joe Biden offered an optimistic estimated timeline for Americans to move past the coronavirus pandemic.
"I feel like I am finally in the shoes of any number of shooting survivors I've interviewed over the years," wrote Joshua Replogle.
"The word bears no resemblance to anything the former president was about," the CNN anchor said of a typo on a key document defending Trump.
At least eight of the people facing charges for last month's insurrection didn't actually participate in the presidential election, according to CNN.
King's death was "another reason to hate COVID," the CNN anchor said as he remembered the broadcasting legend's impact on his own career.
“I think I would say the election was not fraudulent," he finally confessed after getting schooled by Pamela Brown.