More than two-thirds of their donations have flowed to Republican candidates or causes.
The controversial court at the heart of efforts to ban mifepristone refused to abide by new rules meant to curtail the legal strategy popular with conservatives.
Experts break down this vocal phenomenon — most recently displayed by Sen. Katie Britt — and what it means in politics and pop culture today.
The renowned book fair is grappling with legislation across the country by conservatives that have banned students from reading and learning about topics surrounding race and gender.
The media has reported on a series of safety concerns that most likely caused the vessel to go missing — but the right has another idea.
To hear some Republicans tell it, Juneteenth is really the celebration of conservatives' undoing of slavery caused by Democrats. I know. Just bear with me.
The Colorado Republican tweeted that a recent Biden administration initiative is "straight out of the USSR’s playbook.”
High school productions with LGBTQ+ characters have been pulled nationwide — and it's particularly dangerous for queer kids.
The Republican Party once argued that same-sex marriage was "unnatural." Thankfully, the then-San Francisco mayor didn't see it that way.
How ironic that critics of “wokeness,” who mock people needing safe spaces, are trying to create their own safe space by omitting "negative" history.