An inclusive Christmas? Bah, humbug! Check out the holiday hokum that Fox News is spreading this year.
The renowned book fair is grappling with legislation across the country by conservatives that have banned students from reading and learning about topics surrounding race and gender.
The controversial congresswoman urged states to consider leaving the union based on President Joe Biden’s “traitorous” border policies.
The conservative court’s decision creates a troubling precedent that opens the door for more discrimination.
The media has reported on a series of safety concerns that most likely caused the vessel to go missing — but the right has another idea.
To hear some Republicans tell it, Juneteenth is really the celebration of conservatives' undoing of slavery caused by Democrats. I know. Just bear with me.
A boycott of Chick-fil-A is looming after right-wingers discovered — and were then promptly offended by — the company’s statement on diversity.
The Colorado Republican tweeted that a recent Biden administration initiative is "straight out of the USSR’s playbook.”
High school productions with LGBTQ+ characters have been pulled nationwide — and it's particularly dangerous for queer kids.
Tucker Carlson spoke out publicly for the first time since Fox News gave him the boot.