Debt Ceiling

It didn’t work the first three times they tried it. So, they’re… trying it again.
Washington’s allegedly been at war with the budget deficit for decades. The latest debt limit deal tells us which side won.
House committee approves bills to extend parts of the temporary tax cuts approved in 2017.
The House will resume voting on legislation, but right-wingers reserved the right to hold things up again.
The South Carolina Republican is upset over defense funding. Allegedly.
So far the Republican “reckoning” over the House speaker’s collab with President Joe Biden involves tanking a symbolic bill about gas stoves.
“Passing this budget agreement was critical. The stakes could not have been higher,” Biden said from the Oval Office on Friday evening.
How Joe Biden shaped the debate, Kevin McCarthy tamed the House Freedom Caucus and more.
Fending off a U.S. default, the Senate has given final approval to a debt ceiling and budget cuts package.
Faced with a Monday deadline, a compromise bill with big spending cuts is halfway to President Joe Biden’s desk.