Democratic Party

“The Democrats, they could have lifted the debt ceiling prior to me becoming speaker," McCarthy said. He's not wrong.
“We are in a new landscape,” said John Bisognano, president of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.
The 76-year-old veteran Delaware lawmaker won't seek a fifth term, opening a vacancy for Democrats in the blue state.
The FDA is currently deciding whether to make one brand of oral contraceptives available at pharmacies without a prescription.
The new law, which will go into effect next year, will ensure that workers cannot be treated differently for receiving an abortion and employers can't discriminate based on personal beliefs.
But local Republicans hope to capitalize on Democrats’ left turn.
“Everybody said it could not be done in Jacksonville, Florida,” said Deegan, the first woman elected to lead the 13th-biggest U.S. city.
Voters in Philadelphia have chosen Cherelle Parker as their Democratic nominee for mayor.
Democrats will maintain their narrow Pennsylvania House majority after winning a special election in the Philadelphia suburbs.
“I’m frustrated that we even have to engage in these conversations because it gives credibility to what Republicans are trying to do," one House Democrat said.