Democratic Party

California’s Gavin Newsom and Florida’s Ron DeSantis took to the stage for red state vs. blue state debate on Fox News.
But Cinde Warmington said her work on the New Hampshire Executive Council, where she is the sole Democrat, speaks for itself.
Girl bye! Now-former Rep. George Santos is out of a job after the admitted liar was booted from Congress following a damning report from an ethics panel. But his troubles are far from over…
The former House speaker has been a trailblazer for equality and women’s rights but has also feuded with the New Yorker and other Democratic progressives.
According to an excerpt from a new book, the former speaker’s excuse is a real head-scratcher.
Critics were quick to point out Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL)’s hypocrisy after he complained that the U.S. military is at its “weakest.”
The White House was quick to call out a Fox News reporter whose report lacked some important context.
Sen. Joe Manchin was often a stumbling block for Democrats’ agenda. But they would have achieved way less without him.
Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) faces his first challenge as the Republican’s top dog: a government shutdown. It didn’t go so well for the last guy in the job.
Congressional staff say the mood inside the Capitol is tense, stifling and bewildering as members brush off their constituents’ outrage.