Democratic Party

Key committees advanced legislation to change the state’s ballot certification deadline after the state’s GOP Secretary of State warned Biden may miss it.
Two major Democratic groups representing different wings of the party have come together to combat third-party threats.
If diversity isn't important to some Southern colleges and universities, maybe Black sports stars should play for schools that appreciate diversity, equity and inclusion.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's sudden death gave Republicans the chance to pick her replacement in 2020, and some fear a repeat.
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has aggressively targeted Democrats critical of Israel, the coalition said.
More than 30 Democrats are bringing guests who offer a reminder of how bad Republicans are for reproductive health.
The end of the decade will see redistricting votes in statehouses nationwide, and Democrats want to maximize their ability to influence those decisions.
While Rep. Adam Schiff said he supports fission energy, fellow Democrats Katie Porter and Barbara Lee took firm stances against atomic power.
In his Farewell Address, the first president warned about the potential threats to American democracy.
Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature passed the maps to avoid having the liberal-leaning state Supreme Court draw the lines.