Domestic Violence

Moments before her death, a pregnant British attorney said her husband had shoved her off a cliff.
Officers found the 3-year-old boy facedown in the pool with at least four stab wounds.
Christian Dumontet, who appeared on the Netflix reality show, was then arrested a second time for allegedly violating an emergency protective order.
After his wife and daughter fled their home, Maxwell Laham turned the gun on his 15-year-old son, who shot him in the chest with another gun, state police said.
The suspect was arrested Wednesday hours after he allegedly killed Jayden Perkins and seriously wounded his mother, 33-year-old Laterria Smith.
The Connecticut woman was accused of helping her boyfriend, Fotis Dulos, plan and cover up the killing of his estranged wife in 2019.
The leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide, most often by an abusive partner with a gun. And Texas is forcing victims to stay pregnant, while making it easier for abusers to get guns.
The star's revelation came in her new documentary, "The Greatest Love Story Never Told."
An officer responding to a burglary call at Jaden Battista’s home said he saw Trevor Weigel chase her down and stab her repeatedly in her neck and chest.
“You did everything you knew how to do, and those in places of authority -- to serve and protect -- failed," the victim's daughter wrote.