Domestic Violence

More women have stepped forward against the "Creed III" star after domestic violence charges in New York, according to Variety.
The "Creed III" star experienced further fallout after he was charged with choking a woman in a domestic dispute.
The Supreme Court decision requiring gun laws to be bound by the standards of the 18th century continues to have ramifications.
Justin Roiland is accused of domestic battery with corporal injury and false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud and/or deceit.
The 53-year-old was captured slapping his wife, Anne, in the VIP area of a Cabo nightclub. Both have since issued public statements.
The star's suspension for violating MLB's domestic violence policy was reduced.
In an emotional interview, the five-time Grammy winner said she would "flatten" her breasts to "make it easier to go unnoticed" as a teen.
The former Destiny's Child member announced that Brown had won for Favorite Male R&B Artist and unrest followed.
Many advocates feared the reaction to the Depp-Heard trial would have a chilling effect on domestic violence survivors trying to come forward. Some say that initial fear has come true.
Chae Kyong An, 53, has been charged with kidnapping, domestic violence and attempted murder.