Trump has continued attacks on Georgia’s GOP state officials and the state’s election system, potentially taking away from his public praise of Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.
Biden beat Trump by just under 10,500 votes in the battleground state.
Research has, however, linked his rallies to hundreds of COVID-19 deaths.
Lawyers' baseless arguments of voter fraud "get shredded in any courtroom they’re dumb enough to step into," John Fetterman snapped.
The challengers said Trump’s plan would weaken the political power of states with larger numbers of illegal immigrants.
Pennsylvania's highest court dismissed a lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelly and other Republicans who'd questioned the legitimacy of the state's election results.
Chris Krebs tells 60 Minutes allegations of U.S. voting machines being manipulated by foreign countries were baseless.
Venture capitalist Fred Eshelman blasts group that launched failed court cases that couldn't come up with any evidence of rigged voting.
Once again, a Trump event isn't quite what it appears to be.