Elections 2016

The race for the Republican nomination got personal Saturday when Donald Trump questioned the absence of Nikki Haley’s husband on the campaign trail.
The magazine similarly warned about Trump in 2016.
The GOP presidential candidates had a fiery exchange after the biotech entrepreneur denigrated their competitor, Nikki Haley.
Donald Trump is already laying a sweeping set of policy goals should he win a second term as president.
Douglass Mackey, under the alias Ricky Vaughn, urged Hillary Clinton supporters to "vote" via text or social media, knowing those votes would not count.
The desperate idea could have flipped the 2016 election on its head.
Attorney General Jeff Landry has won Louisiana governor’s seat, fending off a crowded field of candidates.
Republicans are meeting for their second presidential debate as top rivals seek to blunt the momentum of Donald Trump.
Donald Trump's daughter-in-law went back to an old Republican refrain while reacting to news of his fourth indictment.
The Florida senator is still sore over a moment in a GOP presidential candidate debate from seven years ago.