Eric Trump

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host hit the former president with a new theory.
The late night host tore into the "Gambozo" family over their latest courtroom claim.
Donald Trump's son went on Fox News with an audacious claim.
Trump's ex-attorney said the former president is putting his kids in jeopardy,
“I wasn’t involved in his statement of financial condition,” Ivanka Trump, a former executive vice president at the family’s Trump Organization, told the court during testimony.
The MSNBC host called it “the stupidest possible thing he could say” under oath.
Attorney Randy Zelin advised Eric Trump to "shut your mouth" during an appearance on the right-wing network.
The former president's son has previously claimed he wasn’t involved with financial statements at the heart of the case.
Tim O’Brien explained why former President Donald Trump’s son is the “worst witness you could ever have.”
The late-night host isn't buying this claim the son of the former president made on the witness stand.