European Union

The U.S. Treasury Department plans to impose more than 500 new sanctions on Russia and its war machine.
With the Olympic Games six months away, government officials are being pressed to address the farmers' grievances.
European Union foreign ministers are saying they think the creation of a Palestinian state is the only credible way to achieve peace in the Middle East.
EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said security is a major concern of the 27-nation bloc during the holiday season.
The win is one of the biggest political upsets in Dutch politics since World War II, and is bound to send shockwaves through Europe.
Israeli forces continue to bombard the strip's major hospitals claiming, without proof, that they are in search of Hamas militants.
The European Union has reversed an earlier announcement that it was “immediately” suspending aid for Palestinian authorities.
Members of Britain’s opposition Labour Party are gathering for their annual conference with an unfamiliar feeling: optimism.
Are you planning your next European vacation? U.S. citizens will soon need to apply in advance to visit 30 European countries.
The Kremlin unleashed intense overnight drone and missile attacks officials said damaged Odesa's port infrastructure and wounded at least 12 people.