Gayle King

"I mean that sincerely," the basketball Hall of Famer said of his threat.
The NBA great said the GOP presidential candidate would be "100% correct" -- except for a few things she forgot to bring up.
The "Color Purple" star became visibly emotional in a recent interview while sharing the reason behind the potential move.
“They’re like your drunk friend,” Barkley said on his CNN show. “Like, once your friend’s drunk, there’s nothing you can say to him.”
The Brooklyn rapper recently sat down with Gayle King for an interview on “CBS Mornings,” which will air in two parts.
The "Magic Mike" actor danced to one of Swift's hit songs from "1989" during her concert at SoFi Stadium on Saturday.
The actor had previously announced the arrival of his seventh child during an interview promoting his upcoming film, "About My Father."
“I know she’s going to be a straight shooter, you know I’m going to be a straight shooter,” the NBA Hall of Famer said about the new show.
The former first lady shared a wise tip about marriage that young lovebirds need to hear.