George Conway

George Conway asked on Twitter for help creating a new Trump 2020 campaign slogan and people responded.
Trump is reportedly working on a new slogan for his 2020 reelection campaign.
Trump "dodged the draft" and now "hides from protesters in a deep bunker firing off tweets," mocks a new video by The Lincoln Project.
The Lincoln Project calls out the president for siccing the military on protesters.
The president's most infamous prediction about the pandemic gets put into a harsh spotlight as the death toll approaches 100,000.
Latest ad launched as U.S. surpasses 90,000 deaths from COVID-19.
The White House counselor was confronted about the president's public feud with George Conway's Lincoln Project.
The conservative attorney and The Lincoln Project were labeled "LOSERS" in a midnight Twitter diatribe from the president.
George Conway's Lincoln Project calls out the president's daily doses of “dangerous and ill-informed nonsense" with its latest attack ad.
George Conway's Lincoln Project hits Trump and praises Biden in a blistering new video.