George Conway

The conservative attorney named the "fundamental truth" hidden in Trump's insurrection claims.
“That tells you a lot here," the attorney said of the legal hurdles federal investigators had to surmount before raiding the former Trump lawyer's home and offices.
The teen, whose mother is former Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, tried to regain her footing after a rough start.
The daughter of former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said it was a "really cool opportunity."
The former White House counselor was lambasted on social media after allegedly sharing a topless image of her 16-year-old daughter, Claudia Conway, on Fleets.
“We might as well say, flat-out, that presidents are above the law," the attorney wrote.
The president "can’t see the truth from his own lies and fantasies," the conservative attorney said.
"They’ve already lost a case in the U.S. Supreme Court ― and are about to lose there again, very, very soon," the conservative attorney wrote.
The president and his former aide received a stark reminder of comments they made in November 2016.
After being mocked on Twitter, the president claimed his "sources" told him it was true.