Here's how to spot bad medical information — and how to stop freaking yourself out as you do your research.
Philip Paxson's family claims Google had been informed of the collapse but failed to update its Maps navigation system.
U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta likely won’t issue a ruling until early next year.
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“I cannot imagine Google doesn’t view Alan Davidson as an asset to them.”
The White House said it has secured voluntary commitments from seven U.S. companies meant to ensure their AI products are safe before they release them.
The European Union launched an antitrust investigation into Google’s digital ad dominance in 2021.
The outcome is a victory for the tech industry in a case centering on an Islamic State terror attack and Google's YouTube.
The sprawling lawsuit says a slew of social media companies fed the convicted Tops supermarket shooter "white supremacist propaganda."
Artificial intelligence is “a bit like dropping a bomb right at the center of the information nexus,” said one startup founder.