Gun Control

The city is asking a county court to block the sale of Glock pistols that can be modified to fire at an automatic rate.
"They're more worried about me saying the word 'f**k' than they are that my son and others were murdered," said Brett Cross.
In a video, Brett Cross, whose son was killed in the 2022 Robb Elementary mass shooting, can be seen yelling at county officials before he is escorted out.
"The Daily Show" guest host argued for a "defensive strategy" following a Kansas City shooting that killed one person and injured over 20 others.
Democrats can cut into what often appears to be monolithic GOP support on guns, but doing so requires better ways of engaging conservative gun owners.
"Californians overwhelmingly support efforts" to keep public places "safe and free from guns,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said after an appeals court cleared the law.
The law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in September was set to take effect Jan. 1.
The new bill reflects a more sophisticated understanding of how guns actually work.
An Oregon judge has ruled that a voter-approved gun control law violates the state constitution.
The Maine shooting highlights the pitfalls of bending to conservatives on gun policy reform.