Four friends who were traveling to Mexico so one member of the party could have cosmetic surgery were caught up in a drug cartel shootout in Matamoros.
A 2022 Supreme Court decision turbocharged a gun rights movement that has already racked up game-changing court victories over the last 15 years.
Republicans and neofascist groups have waged war over drag queen story times, yet neither group has been vocal about protecting children from the actual threat of guns.
Casey Fite said she successfully harvested Dylan Lyons' sperm immediately following his shooting death last month in Florida.
"I will never be the same person ever again," Casey Lynn wrote.
Showrunner Craig Mazin told Vulture he was inspired to add period products to the HBO series due to an experience he had during the COVID pandemic.
Three students were killed and five more injured after a man opened fire at several locations on MSU’s campus on Feb. 13.
The Supreme Court’s so-called Bruen decision changed the test that lower courts had long used for evaluating challenges to firearm restrictions.
“I’ve never seen so much blood,” Michigan State University Professor Marco Díaz-Muñoz said after a gunman shot students in his class Monday.
A bill requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales has no Republican support in the Senate. Some Democrats oppose it, too.