Health Care

The ballooning budget deficit will spell tough choices for the start of the next presidential term.
We need more queer-affirming medical leaders to help combat homophobic and anti-trans legislation — and attitudes — that somehow persist.
State Attorney General Steve Marshall argues he can prosecute anyone in Alabama who helps provide out-of-state abortion aid.
It's the first step in a process that will mean lower prices in 2026 ― unless the drug industry and its allies find a way to block it.
Three HuffPost reporters weigh in on the wins and challenges of Biden's biggest bet.
A jury of seven women and four men deliberated for 22 days before reaching the verdict.
Some states offer new parents significantly more support when it comes to welcoming a new member of the family in 2023.
Rep. David Schweikert’s insulin votes have given his Democratic opponents ammunition to use against him.
Nurses at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital say they are overstretched and are demanding better nurse-to-patient ratios and higher pay.
It's a change to health care regulations that Democrats say will stop junk insurance and Republicans say reduces choice.