Hillary Clinton

Jeff Timmer says the former president is "far far weaker" than the polls suggest.
The “Late Night” comedian noted the hypocrisy of the former president’s latest comments about Russia.
Donald Trump’s 2016 Democratic rival sparked a reaction with her congratulatory message for the Kansas City Chiefs.
The release of a harshly critical special counsel report on President Joe Biden's handling of classified information has triggered instant flashbacks.
The right-wing commentator had announced that he traveled to Moscow to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The former secretary of state tweeted at Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie and ended her post with a truly bizarre hashtag.
The former secretary of state expressed her frustration over GOP governors’ rejection of a summer food assistance program for children.
“I know which I'm choosing,” said the 2016 Democratic candidate.
The 2016 Democratic candidate had the shortest, bluntest response.
"It’s no secret that celebrity professors are thought to be great for universities... but these benefits come with a cost."