House Republicans

The South Carolina representative was one of a handful of House Republicans who voted to oust McCarthy as speaker last year.
Republicans know it's a political stunt. But if they can help Trump look tough on border security ahead of the presidential election, who cares!
House Republicans are cursed with a slim majority that includes a handful of independent thinkers.
In a stunning defeat for GOP leaders, a handful of Republicans joined Democrats in condemning the effort as bad politics, bad policy and unconstitutional.
Two Republicans have already said impeachment is pointless and unconstitutional. Others sound skeptical as GOP leaders scramble for votes.
But the right-wing House Freedom Caucus still has a final say.
Both bills are full of anti-choice rhetoric and misinformation that Republicans have used time and time again to quietly roll back the rights of pregnant people.
McHenry, who led the House as an interim speaker in October, has been a member of the chamber since 2005.
The House voted to eject the New York Republican after its ethics panel alleged he spent campaign money on Botox, designer fashion and other personal items.
A letter from the president’s lawyer tells Republicans they’re doing bad work but doesn’t say the White House won’t cooperate.