Russian authorities have classified the Facebook and Instagram owner as a “terrorist and extremist” organization.
Meta and Instagram have used “harmful and psychologically manipulative product features” to keep young people addicted to the social media platforms, the lawsuit alleges.
The Oscar winner, who had been dating TV host Selema Masekela, opened up on Instagram about her "personal truth."
The singer faced accusations that she was being insensitive amid the escalating war between Israel and the militant group.
If you're on social media, this feature is a godsend.
The reality star's post came following the deadly Hamas attacks on Israel that have left hundreds dead.
The aim of launching the two accounts is “increasing the accessibility and availability of Board news and educational content."
The two have been spotted hanging out together since February.
The reality star opened up about her recent skin cancer scare on Instagram.
The singer celebrated spending "forever and ever" with the model.