Bob Vander Plaats said the former president is revealing his true character ― and Republican voters have finally noticed.
“I believe he can’t win, and I believe Ron [DeSantis] can,” Reynolds said Monday.
The former president took the stage and gave a hearty hello to a city more than 80 miles north at a campaign event Sunday.
Police said Nathan Gilmore had a drawing of a “satanic goat’s head” with GPS coordinates to the Iowa park where Angela Bradbury’s remains were found.
Trump claimed "The Silence of the Lambs" killer threw his support behind him in an awkward flub on Saturday.
A Ramaswamy spokesperson said she was "confident of what happened" despite the police account of the Iowa crash differing from the campaign's story.
Some of Donald Trump’s top Republican rivals addressed a large, influential gathering of Iowa evangelical Christians on Saturday night.
"We love you, but wait," Pence said, in response to a town hall question about providing trans children with gender-affirming care.
College football fans launched a mix of boos and cheers at the former president as he made his way through an Iowa crowd on Saturday.
Donald Trump crossed paths with some his presidential campaign rivals when he attended Iowa’s biggest annual college football game.