Customer service, enforcement both seeing revamps with money from 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act.
Democrats successfully fought to get Trump’s tax returns public when he was president. That won’t happen now he’s running again.
The largely unregulated industry often sees error-ridden returns and high fees, a justice group alleges.
Tax experts share some of the biggest mistakes you can make and how to avoid them.
The cases involve hundreds of millions of dollars of unpaid taxes, the IRS said.
Administration officials are using the report to promote President Joe Biden's economic agenda as he campaigns for reelection — and as the IRS faces threats to its funding.
A U.S. district judge compared the leaks to the Jan. 6 insurrection.
But the funding that made it possible for the IRS to target wealthy tax dodgers is in jeopardy.
Cutting funds from the IRS would make it easier for high-earning households to avoid paying taxes.
Cutting IRS funding may make an aid bill easier to pass in the House, but it feeds the dynamic that nearly led to a government shutdown earlier in the year.