The man who once shielded Trump's tax returns has been an ally on social policy and tax enforcement.
An IRS glitch delayed the monthly payment for parents at the heart of Democrats' agenda.
In its latest analysis of the “tax gap,” the Treasury Department calls for tougher enforcement, which would generate revenue for Democratic priorities.
The new tool has already earned praise from legal aides for improving accessibility for poor Americans who don't traditionally file tax returns.
The tax deduction they're considering would be more useful to union members than the one Republicans repealed in 2017.
The website for non-tax-filers to sign up for the child tax credit has been plagued with accessibility issues. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon wants to know why.
H&R Block and Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, have both quit an IRS partnership.
Conservative opposition to strengthening the IRS has left lawmakers scrambling to find new ways to offset the cost of a $1.1 trillion infrastructure package.
President Joe Biden’s signature program will start delivering monthly checks to parents on July 15.
The expanded child tax credit won’t reach people who don’t file tax returns.