Ivanka Trump

An account the president uses to retweet his conspiracy theories and vitriol will be wiped and handed over to the Biden administration.
The president's niece celebrates reports of investigations into Trump finances.
The CNN anchor pointed out the unfounded claims made by Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. in denying President Donald Trump's election defeat.
Donald Trump's daughter bragged about her father changing Washington and said "there's more to come."
The Trump advisers threatened a lawsuit against the ads that started at Times Square.
The president's daughter, of course, has no training or background as a scientific expert.
"We're just singing," Kenan Thompson explained when Colin Jost protested on "Weekend Update."
"Peddle your scare tactics elsewhere. The Lincoln Project will not be intimidated by such empty bluster," attorney Matthew Sanderson blasted in a letter.
The GOP anti-Trump group threatens to make its response -- a "civics lesson" on First Amendment rights -- as "painful as possible."