Ivanka Trump

The ex-president's daughter and former adviser is catching heat for her emails.
The DOJ's special counsel overseeing the probe into Donald Trump's attempt to stay in power has subpoenaed the ex-president's daughter and son-in-law.
Donald Trump could boost crowd numbers in South Carolina with a new take on the horror film doll, cracked the "Tonight Show" host.
The trio presented a "Haley for vice-president" option to then-President Donald Trump, the former secretary of state suggests in his upcoming memoir.
The late-night host thinks he knows what'll really happen to the ex-president's money.
The former president wrote on his Truth Social platform that he “never asked” the two to be part of his 2024 campaign.
Ever since Donald Trump declared that he’s running for president in 2024, his usual cast of supporters has been quiet including his daughter Ivanka Trump.
The "Tonight Show" host riffed on reports that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are cutting ties with the former president.
The former president's older daughter has said she doesn't plan to be involved in his 2024 presidential campaign.
Donald Trump's daughter is "Gone Girl" in the "Late Show" spoof.