Jake Tapper

The CNN host’s interview with Rachel Goldberg, whose son was kidnapped by Hamas, took a briefly humorous turn.
The CNN anchor paid Michigan Republican John James a backhanded compliment.
The CNN anchor checked Rep. Mike Turner as he reacted to Ohioans voting to codify abortion rights into their state constitution.
The “State of the Union” host thinks certain Republicans should take a look in the mirror before offering criticisms over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The CNN anchor ripped the far-right Republican for hypocrisy over her weaponization of antisemitism.
The CNN anchor didn’t hide his exasperation at cutting away to the latest development on the “utter clown car” of the House Republican speaker’s race.
The CNN anchor didn't mince his words for Rep. Mike Turner as Republicans continue their search for a House speaker this week.
The former Wyoming lawmaker said that chaos among House Republicans is a "direct result" of the ousted former speaker's decisions.
The CNN host had some sharp words for Republicans after Rep. Jim Jordan's speaker bid failed Friday.
The caller’s threats were slammed as “pretty ugly” and “disgusting” by “The Lead” anchor Jake Tapper.