Joe Manchin

In a new letter obtained by HuffPost, the historic Muslim nominee rejects Republican claims that he is somehow anti-law enforcement.
Two Democrats said they'll oppose the U.S. appeals court nominee, caving to the GOP's baseless and Islamophobic smear campaign against him.
A package including aid for the war-torn country has stalled in the House of Representatives amid resistance from right-wing Republicans.
Democrats feared the conservative West Virginia senator would harm President Joe Biden's path to reelection if he jumped into the race as an independent.
The expansion and subsequent lapse of pandemic benefits have had major effects on people’s lives.
The West Virginian’s reelection may have been a lost cause. Are Democrats’ odds any better in Texas or Florida?
"We would lose democracy as we know it," said the Democratic senator from West Virginia.
The Democratic senator from West Virginia, who does not plan to seek reelection, declined to say if he'd run as a Republican, Democrat or independent.
Sen. Joe Manchin was often a stumbling block for Democrats’ agenda. But they would have achieved way less without him.
Joe Manchin has raised the possibility of a presidential bid in the past.