Kamala Harris

"We’re not going to have a socialist president, especially a female socialist president," he said at a reelection campaign rally in Florida.
"The Daily Show" host put his magnifying glass to the Georgia lawmaker's comments about Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.
The "Avengers" are assembling with Sen. Kamala Harris against a new foe.
“If white people can say 'Phoebe' or 'Arnold Schwarzenegger,' they could definitely say a Nadia, Roberto or a Zakir. It’s not brain surgery, it’s laziness."
The Democratic vice presidential nominee is "Momala" to her two stepchildren.
The former vice president tweeted a birthday message to, possibly, the future one.
After Trump's take on the "YMCA" went viral, Kamala Harris showed off some moves of her own.
“I’d like to start by tearing you a new one," McKinnon tells Alec Baldwin's Trump at a redo of the NBC faceoff.
“Ka-MA-la, KA-ma-la, Kamala-mala-mala. I don’t know, whatever," said Perdue, who's been her colleague in the Senate for years.
Erinn Harley-Lewis said seeing daughter Celeste emulate Harris speaks to the power of diverse representation in American politics.