A Kansas judge has put a new state law on medication abortions on hold and blocked the state from enforcing older abortion restrictions.
A man who was previously living in a Kansas girl's home has been charged with her sexual assault and murder.
“The Osage County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to follow leads in unsolved missing persons and murder cases possibly related to BTK,” confirmed police.
A Kansas Department of Revenue spokesperson says a website search that led a central Kansas police chief to raid a local weekly newspaper was legal.
A small central Kansas town now finds itself at the center of a debate over press freedoms.
Experts say a central Kansas police chief was on legally shaky ground when he ordered the raid of a weekly newspaper.
Marion County's prosecutor said his review of police seizures from the Marion County Record found “insufficient evidence" to justify the raid.
The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is looking into a widely condemned police raid of the Marion County Record — but the target of their investigation remains unclear.
A small central Kansas police department is facing a firestorm of criticism after it raided the offices of a local newspaper and the home of its publisher and owner.
Transgender people have been able to change their driver's licenses in Kansas for at least four years, and almost 400 people have done it.