Republican legislators in Kansas have failed to override the Democratic governor’s veto of a proposed ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors.
An Oklahoma grandmother was arrested with three others on suspicion of kidnapping and killing her grandkids’ mother and another woman.
“I am just a very small piece of this huge picture, but I have never been more proud."
The Tennessee Republican suggested that Denton Loudermill Jr. was an "illegal Alien" and one of the "shooters" at a parade. He was neither.
Traffic was brought to a standstill along Interstate 70 as meteorologists urged residents to stay indoors.
The attacks on the Biden mannequin were later condemned by some state GOP officials.
Wichita Police said the case is not being considered as a hate crime at this time.
The bill aims to incentivize employers to move away from paying disabled workers in Kansas below the minimum wage.
Kansas’ attorney general is telling public schools that they’re required to tell parents their children are transgender or nonbinary even if they’re not out at home.
The statue was cut at the ankles to be removed with only Robinson's feet remaining.