Kevin McCarthy

"This was personal money,” the House speaker said of the hush money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.
“He’s not talking in a harmful way, and nobody should," the House speaker said.
"They continue to peddle conspiracy theories led by this so-called weaponization committee," the House Democratic leader said of the GOP majority.
Trump has said he would continue his presidential campaign even if indicted.
North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy should have distributed Capitol riot footage widely.
The audience cheered as the host took a swing at Fox News' latest right-wing conspiracy theory.
The bank, which served tech workers and venture capital-backed companies, was the second-biggest bank failure in U.S. history after the 2008 collapse.
Twitter users slammed the House speaker’s move as the “worst cosplay ever,” “vile” and an insult to Congress.
McCarthy previously said he considered the riot a "violent insurrection." It's not clear whether he still feels that way.
The Biden administration joins a growing chorus of bipartisan voices denouncing the prime-time Fox News host for airing cherry-picked footage.