Los Angeles

Looks like criticism of the new uniforms has moved below the belt.
The brutally beaten body of Maleesa Mooney, 31, was found bound, gagged and wedged into her refrigerator last September.
Despite her massive "Basic Instinct" fame, Stone was still living in a small home without a gate when Simpson fled police.
The union for hotel workers says the carpenters' pension fund should be pressuring the Hyatt Regency LAX to reach a deal.
Months after a woman was killed on a Maryland trail, authorities released an image of a man linked to both her death and a violent home invasion in Los Angeles.
She spoke at the unveiling of one of three statues depicting her late husband that will be in front of “the house that Kobe built.”
Conrad Mainwaring, a hurdler for Antigua and Barbuda in the 1976 Summer Olympics, pleaded guilty Thursday to sexually molesting young boys at a Massachusetts sports camp.
The Legislature is considering requiring security guards at each club, keypad codes to enter dressing rooms, and employee training on preventing sexual harassment.
The Los Angeles Clippers star was missing a vital piece of apparel and still came through.
The rapper-singer’s mom filed a petition to get a restraining order against her son for herself, Doja Cat, and her 13-year-old grandson.