Tzara Jones allegedly told family members she was "tired" of caring for her romantic partner and 93-year-old grandmother.
The rejection, on Tuesday’s ballot referendum, leaves the state’s electric grid in the hands of two unpopular private companies.
The Maine shooting highlights the pitfalls of bending to conservatives on gun policy reform.
The Bidens will pay their respects to the victims, meet with first responders and grieve with families and community members affected by the shootings.
Peyton Brewer-Ross was one of 18 people killed in last month’s mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine.
The Army recently determined that the gunman should not have access to firearms.
Police tried to contact Robert Card last month, but were unsuccessful.
The "Meet the Press" moderator confronted Ron DeSantis over red flag laws after he dismissed how effective they'd be in the case of the Maine killings.
Mainers attended Sunday services just days after the man suspected of killing 18 people and wounding 13 in Lewiston was found dead.
“The community here is very tight; they do everything together. We are all suffering together. We're all grieving together,” the wife of one of the victims said.