Marco Rubio

The “Late Show” audience went wild for this below-the-belt joke about the former president.
The federal government is on the brink of finally updating building codes after 14 years, but the Florida Republican has made a last-minute move to block it.
The Florida senator is still sore over a moment in a GOP presidential candidate debate from seven years ago.
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, benched by conservative backlash, won't be honored with the Los Angeles team's Community Hero Award.
Most Republicans are sticking by ex-President Donald Trump even after a jury found him liable for sexual abuse.
"Sir, the 'they' here is you. You work in the government," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted at the Florida senator.
The Pentagon says that balloons from China entered U.S. airspace at least three times under the Trump administration.
Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are upset after the administration declined to share sensitive files found in Trump's and Biden's records.
The Vermont senator said it's "hard" to understand how Republicans can be a working-class party if they don't support paid sick leave.
The former Orlando police chief outraised and outspent Rubio by $20 million, but was unable to dislodge him.