An inclusive Christmas? Bah, humbug! Check out the holiday hokum that Fox News is spreading this year.
The social media platform has filed a suit against Media Matters, which claimed that the company was displaying ads next to pro-Nazi posts.
“Undeterred by the truth, Media Matters has opted for new tactics in its campaign to drive advertisers from X,” claimed the site once known as Twitter.
The NFL host later tried to walk back the claim that she fabricated quotes, but not before angering fellow journalists.
The Emmy-winning TV journalist, famed for his work rooting out corruption and wrongdoing, retired last year after a 50-year career.
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I’ve seen fun and laughter, and laughter and fun.” Seattle residents mocked a Fox News reporter for trying to address how they feel about crime in their city.
The actor has some strong words for the media after the body-shaming she endured post-"Titanic."
A Kansas Department of Revenue spokesperson says a website search that led a central Kansas police chief to raid a local weekly newspaper was legal.
The company, which went bankrupt in May, axed over 100 jobs before cutting huge checks for senior management in April.