The proposal goes against former President Donald Trump’s past insistence that Republicans shouldn’t touch the popular retirement program.
The former president said there's "a lot you can do in terms of entitlements, in terms of cutting," but his answer mostly made no sense.
"I will stop you!" the president vowed in his State of the Union address.
Biden will use the State of the Union to highlight the popular, but somewhat under-the-radar changes he and Democrats have already made.
The former president reiterated his support Tuesday for Rep. Jodey Arrington, who’s pushing a commission that could raise taxes and cut entitlements.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) condemned Demetrios Kouzoukas’ “overwhelming conflicts of interest” as a board member for a private insurance company.
The Massachusetts Democrat grew more agitated as the nominee to federal health insurance boards dodged her questions.
"I’m simply a daughter who cares about her parents. And I’m a citizen looking around at our irrational health care system and feeling helpless, enraged and scared."
Donald Trump is more vocal than his GOP rivals, but he failed to pass a bill reducing drug costs while in office.
It's the first step in a process that will mean lower prices in 2026 ― unless the drug industry and its allies find a way to block it.