Melania Trump

The former president can’t seem to help himself when it comes to constantly retelling a story about so-called golden showers.
The former president explains how the then-first lady responded to claims he arranged a golden showers show at a Moscow hotel.
The comedian also shared a not-so-hidden cry for help from the former first lady.
The late night host also revealed the most "ridiculous" part of Wednesday night's GOP debate.
"Technically, she's probably right. But what the hell?" the former president told a campaign rally.
Donald Trump wanted his wife Melania to parade around in her bikini.
Billionaire Trump donor Anthony Pratt was caught telling the sleazy story in secret recordings obtained by "60 Minutes Australia."
Trump’s team told Rolling Stone that the retiring senator “should stop lying and creating fake stories in order to stay relevant.”
Late night shows resumed after a five-month hiatus due to the writers strike, and the former president was none too happy about it.