Melania Trump

A Missouri pastor is under fire for saying that all women need to look nice for their husbands and be more like “epic trophy wife” Melania Trump.
Baptist Pastor Stewart Allen-Clark is now on leave and receiving "professional counseling."
“Why did they keep this information secret from the American public?” the MSNBC anchor asked.
Other political leaders have publicized their vaccinations as a way to promote trust in the science.
The former first lady's omission gladdened the hearts of social media jokesters.
Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff hailed her "vindication" after the attempt by the Trump Justice Department "to silence me."
"I have an angry place inside of me now,” the singer told The Guardian, adding, “I hope it doesn’t kill me."
She ignored a first lady tradition and reportedly took a far more impersonal approach.
A sampling of the hats, coats and gowns that have marked the ceremonies for more than 100 years.