Mike Pompeo

The former secretary of state suggested there “remain many more opportunities” for him in “which the timing might be more fitting.”
Trump's former secretary of state overtly slammed the ex-president, heating up the 2024 GOP presidential race.
But their refusal to call Trump out by name underscored the risks faced by potential and declared challengers worried about alienating the former president's base.
The Pentagon says that balloons from China entered U.S. airspace at least three times under the Trump administration.
The former secretary of state is sharing some questionable takes as he promotes his new memoir.
"Make no mistake about it, that night America also showed its strength," the former secretary of state told Sky News of the day of the Capitol riot.
"He didn’t deserve to die, but we need to be clear about who he was ― and too many in the media were not," writes the former secretary of state.
Trump, who complains constantly about China, didn't want to anger President Xi Jinping, the former secretary of state says in excerpts of his memoir.
The trio presented a "Haley for vice-president" option to then-President Donald Trump, the former secretary of state suggests in his upcoming memoir.
The former secretary of state made quite the reach as he explores his presidential chances.