Mitt Romney

The Republican Accountability PAC put the former president on blast for his comments about other Republicans.
The Republican senator from Utah didn't dance around this one.
The Utah Republican said that age is going to be a "huge issue" in the 2024 election for both 81-year-old Joe Biden and 77-year-old Donald Trump.
The senator said he has "a hard time understanding" why Trump's legal issues don't "seem to be moving the needle" with more voters.
A congressman and a senator’s son have jumped into the race for the Utah U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Mitt Romney.
"Bad policy we can overcome as a country we have in the past. Bad character is something which is very difficult to overcome,” the Utah Republican said.
The former GOP presidential nominee says there are two members of his own party he can't support.
The Utah Republican's costume definitely wasn't as big of a winner as the "Ted Lasso" look he sported in 2021.
The former GOP presidential nominee suggested a reason for the Fox News personality’s vitriol.
The retiring GOP senator unloaded on Donald Trump and other members of his party in a new biography.