“When people meet each other, they meet each other with condolences. The first question they asked is not who died, but who survived.”
Moroccan rescue crews have been joined by international crews from Spain, U.K., UAE and Qatar, who sent emergency responders into the mountains where bodies remain buried under dust and rubble.
The toll of the earthquake that devastated Morocco is on stark display in dozens of remote villages across the North African country's disaster zone.
Moroccan officials have so far accepted government-offered aid from just four countries — Spain, Qatar, Britain and the United Arab Emirates.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake had a magnitude of 6.8 with an epicenter some 45 miles southwest of Marrakech.
A powerful earthquake struck Morocco late Friday, toppling buildings in mountainous villages and ancient cities not built to withstand such force.
Ghizlane Chebbak was asked if there are “any gay players in your squad and what’s life like for them in Morocco,” where same-sex relations are illegal.
“I’m a rebel. Storytelling changed my world and my perspective on life.”
Kylian Mbappé is headed back to the World Cup final for a much-anticipated matchup with Lionel Messi after ending Morocco’s historic run.
Wednesday’s match has cultural and political connotations and the outcome is far from the foregone conclusion many would presume from looking at the line-ups.