Murder and Manslaughter

Kouri Richins, who wrote a book in which a child navigates the loss of their father, was charged with murder earlier this month in Utah.
Police said the 12-year-old boy fatally shot Sonic drive-in employee Matthew Davis, 32, with an AR-15 rifle.
A newly uncovered affidavit revealed Kouri Richins, a mother of three, had “a large party at her home” after her husband’s death.
Carlos Dominguez pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in connection to a series of stabbings in the college community of Davis, California.
A California man has been found guilty of killing three 16-year-olds by intentionally ramming their car after they played a doorbell-ringing prank on him.
The psychiatrist, 55, was beaten repeatedly with a metal bar on the head Friday when she left work at a hospital in Pisa.
Perry died Monday in Los Angeles from complications of a stroke and several heart attacks.
The daughter of former U.S. intelligence director John Negroponte has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for fatally stabbing a friend.
Brian Walshe was arrested after his wife, Ana Walshe, went missing in January. He now faces a murder charge.
“In my mind, no doubt he loved his family," Judge Clifton Newman said of Murdaugh, who was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife and son.