Murder and Manslaughter

Despite chilling video footage of alleged killers — and the murders themselves — some high-profile cases remain unsolved.
Raad Almansoori, 26, has been linked to attacks in other states, police say.
Denali Brehmer pleaded guilty to orchestrating the murder of Cynthia Hoffman after a man posing as a millionaire online offered her $9 million for the killing.
Asia Womack's mother called Cameron Hogg's plea deal "a slap in the face" after he was sentenced to 20 years for shooting her daughter in Dallas in 2022.
Gina Weingart was bartending Thursday while her husband, Emerson, kept her company when the couple were shot and killed.
For 20 years, Peterson’s supporters — now including the Los Angeles Innocence Project — have relied on baseless claims and shaky witness accounts to try to prove he didn’t kill his wife and unborn son.
Although the Colleton County court clerk made inappropriate comments to jurors, the judge ruled that they did not have an effect on their guilty verdict.
A nonprofit legal team is reexamining Peterson's 2004 conviction for killing his wife, Laci, and their unborn son, Conner.
Before Ying Ying "Dawn" Yu went missing, surveillance footage allegedly showed her husband threatening to beat her to death.
The couple’s surviving 2-year-old daughter was badly injured in the collision, which bystanders said sounded like an "explosion."