“We have never had a tenured or tenure-track Teachers College faculty member who is Muslim. Why?” Amra Sabic-El-Rayess said.
The administration struggled to find attendees because many Muslim Americans refused to join.
N.C. State's Jannah Eissa and UC Irvine's Diaba Konate are bringing visibility and inspiration to some Muslim women on a big stage.
With just days until the state holds its primary election, dozens of frustrated groups sent a letter rejecting the Biden administration's attempt to meet.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ilhan Omar are demanding answers about policies that target communities of color.
Arab and Muslim American communities have been frustrated with President Joe Biden over his Gaza policy.
Community leaders rejected attempts to hold the meeting, saying that the damage had already been done by Joe Biden's administration.
Muslim and Arab voters say the president is underestimating the community’s long-standing frustration with the White House.
“Adeel A. Mangi is a person of strength and good deeds,” 15 Jewish groups wrote to senators, some of whom subjected Mangi to Islamophobic questioning.
Ida Khalil has washed more than a hundred women. “I used to be afraid of dead people,” she says. “Now I could sleep next to dead people.”