Native Americans

Watch a HuffPost exclusive clip of the new documentary “Bad Press.”
For years, Native American tribes have been allowed to issue license plates. Now the state is saying that’s tax evasion.
“I do believe the ancestors speak through us, if you allow them to,” says Indigenous playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle.
The opioid crisis has plagued the U.S. for almost a decade — and for vulnerable populations such as Native Americans, the devastation goes largely ignored.
The bipartisan Indian Buffalo Management Act would help spur one of the country's most unique conservation movements.
Indigenous leaders and human rights advocates are making the long-imprisoned Native activist's freedom a 2024 election priority.
HuffPost spoke to Leonard Peltier's son, Chauncey, at a White House rally urging President Joe Biden to finally release Peltier from prison at nearly 50 years.
A Native-led coalition plans to digitize and share thousands of archival pages about schools that forcibly enrolled Native children and erased their culture.
New research quantifies the constant violation of Indigenous communities' rights.
“You’ve become complicit in this injustice for Indian Country,” charged Fawn Sharp, president of the National Congress of American Indians.