Native Americans

California's Riverside school district called the teacher's behavior "offensive" and "completely unacceptable" while announcing her leave from the classroom.
Rachel Campos-Duffy said Native Americans' struggles have "everything to do with government dependency ... alcoholism and family breakdowns."
Utah's GOP delegation portrayed tribes as allies in their fight against protected national monuments, even though they petitioned for one site's creation.
Biden recognized Native Americans' "painful past," while Trump accused "extremists" of seeking to "undermine Christopher Columbus’s legacy."
Trump’s attack on Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah was the largest rollback of federal land protections in U.S. history.
Lauren King, 39, now holds a lifetime seat on a U.S. district court in Washington state.
The legislation aims to help heal the “intergenerational trauma” caused by the government forcing generations of Native children into white assimilation schools.
The Senate is gearing up for a September session focused on voting rights.
The current wave of voter suppression bills targets the Native vote that helped elect President Joe Biden and a Democratic Senate majority.
The Interior Department’s probe into its former policy “will inevitably shed light on extremely troubling episodes in our nation’s history,” lawmakers said.