New York

The Marvel star was charged with assault after a March incident involving then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.
The special election for the New York Republican's still-warm congressional seat has major implications for 2024.
The gag order, which bars Donald Trump from verbally attacking court staffers in public, was originally imposed last month.
His social media posts were not threatening despite the hundreds of alarming calls and messages to court staff others sent in their wake, he alleges in a court filing.
The Diocese of Brooklyn said it was “appalled" by the video, which was shot at Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Annunciation Parish in Williamsburg.
The alleged 1993 incident would have occurred when he was working as a transit cop for the NYPD.
New abuse allegations have been filed against New York Mayor Eric Adams and entertainer Bill Cosby, among a string of others, before the Friday deadline.
The woman blacked out during an acting exercise and awoke partially undressed, according to the lawsuit brought under a New York law.
Two people were killed in the incident along the U.S.-Canada border on Wednesday.
Social media users critiqued the Bronx rapper's comments on Eric Adams and Joe Biden — and showed that they completely missed the point.