New York

In a fiery dissent, the justice said the court’s decision to block COVID-19 restrictions on religious gatherings "will only exacerbate the nation’s suffering.”
It was the first major decision since Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the nation's highest court.
Dinkins broke barriers and accomplished a lot at City Hall in the early '90s but he had inherited a city with a soaring murder rate and stubborn unemployment.
Around 83,000 people in the U.S. are hospitalized with COVID-19, according to the COVID Tracking Project.
"That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen," one person wrote on Twitter.
Giuliani has caused "irreversible damage to the public trust in the fair administration of our elections," Rep. Bill Pascrell wrote to officials policing attorney conduct.
The country is now averaging over 1,300 deaths per day from the coronavirus.
Street artist Elle painted a three-story-tall mural of the late Supreme Court associate justice in New York City.
The Trump lawyer's literal meltdown inspired the tabloid's mocking moniker.
Rockefeller Center’s annual Christmas tree made a scraggly debut that felt emblematic of 2020.