New Zealand

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins described the fire as “an absolute tragedy."
Ardern stepped down as prime minister in January, saying she no longer had “enough in the tank” to do it justice.
In her farewell speech to the New Zealand Parliament, the former prime minister spoke about leadership and her legacy.
Georgina Beyer, a trailblazing New Zealand politician who in 1999 became the world’s first openly transgender member of Parliament, has died.
New Zealand police intercepted the haul that had been dropped in a remote area by an international drug-smuggling syndicate.
Ardern's advice for New Zealand's new prime minister was, "You do you."
The lack of other candidates indicated party lawmakers had rallied behind Hipkins to avoid a drawn-out contest and any sign of disunity following Ardern’s departure.
Jacinda Ardern tearfully announced she’ll step down as New Zealand's prime minister by Feb. 7.
The giddy Fox News host made over-the-top claims about the outgoing prime minister.
“I’d be doing a disservice to New Zealand if I continued,” she said.