Nikki Haley

The GOP presidential candidate later went after the senator as she declared that using military families as “political pawns” is a “mistake.”
The 2024 GOP presidential candidate previously said she would back Donald Trump as the party's nominee even if he was found guilty of crimes.
The conservative magazine published its editorial after another instance of McConnell briefly growing rigid and unresponsive in public.
“We need to know they’re at the top of their game,” Haley told Fox News. “You can’t say that right now looking at Congress.”
The former New Jersey governor reveals why he's living "rent-free" inside the former president's head.
The Republican presidential hopeful said Social Security rules must be changed before the system goes bankrupt.
The first Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News was full of zingers, question avoidance and loyalty to Donald Trump.
Biden cooked up a brief message alongside Haley's remarks after she went after fellow candidates at the first GOP presidential debate.
Ron DeSantis who? The 2024 field aiming their guns on a political newcomer is another sign of the Florida governor's weakened position in the race.
“Abortions on demand,” “born alive abortions” and other fact-free claims were on display at the first GOP debate.