Nikki Haley

The ad features Donald Trump insulting Haley and saying he doesn't need her supporters' votes.
Adam Kinzinger taunted "Chief Whiney" over results in Tuesday's primaries.
"He always gives into his worst instincts," Alyssa Farah Griffin said on CNN.
"You know what that means," joked the "Tonight Show" host.
The Republican Accountability PAC put the former president on blast for his comments about other Republicans.
The failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate made a post on X, formerly Twitter, mocking Haley's birth name.
"There is a place for them in my campaign," the president said of voters who'd backed Haley, who just suspended her campaign.
Haley stopped short of endorsing Trump after she suspended her campaign on Wednesday.
The North Carolina woman memorably summed up why she was voting for Nikki Haley instead.
The candidate who emerged as Donald Trump's biggest challenger only managed to win one state on the biggest primary voting day.