North Carolina

Detectives described finding the boy's body Feb. 3, less than 24 hours after he arrived at Trails Carolina, a wilderness camp for "troubled" youth.
Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson suggested transgender women "find a corner" to use as a bathroom instead.
Medical examiners said his death appeared "to not be natural," calling it "suspicious" that he died less than 24 hours after arriving at Trails Carolina camp.
North Carolina's Swamp Park Outdoor Adventure Center posted eerie videos showing alligators suspended in frozen ponds with just their snouts peeking above the ice.
In unearthed Facebook posts, Mark Robinson also called the civil rights movement “crap” and vowed to work on MLK Day because he’s “not a leach."
The state's police officers are no longer be allowed to pull over motorists solely because they have something hanging from the rearview mirror of the windshield.
The All-American athlete went on to be an analyst for the University of North Carolina's sports network for 18 seasons.
Fenn, who was only 6 months old, apparently hit his head on a gate after being frightened by a nearby giraffe.
“Someone should open an Islamic theme park. That would be a blast,” Mark Robinson said in one of many posts tying Muslims to violence.
Liquid Gold, a plus-size HBCU dance team, is challenging the idea that thinner means better.